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New Normal or Forgotten Normal (mental impact)
We all are aware of the situation that we are into due to this Covid 19 pandemic situation. It has given us many lessons to learn and with just a little reflection on situation we can actually recollect what it has bestowed on us. Itincludes importance of self discipline, connecting with family and other people, learning new skill, exercise, being positive, being there for your society and your community and loads of other.

But while refelecting on all these things, have we ever thought that these changes are not new things. I mean like after effects Covid wont be different then what we always wanted to have. There was a rat race every where to reach to the goal and to meet targets. But the actual goal was to be HAPPY, right?? Social Distancing is New Normal but spending time with family cause of social distancing is not New Normal it is Forgotten Normal. Being there for your family and friends is not New Normal but it is forgotten Normal. Not going out at places like Malls and Clubs is New Normal but same time being with yourself is Forgotten Normal. Taking care of hygene is not New Normal it is Forgotten Normal.

People are more content this time they know excatly what to do and how to maintain balance is this New Normal or Forgotten Normal. Exercersing is not New Normal but it is Forgotten Normal which all of us know. People don’t try to be Happy and push themselves do things to in sear of happiness rather all have started to create hapiness in small things is this not forgotten normal which can emerg as New Normal after this pendemic situation is over.

We are trying to be calm and considering to adaopt this religiously after this pendemic but this was already there since long time yoga and mediation has been part of our culture. Are we sure this is New Normal because this appears as Forgotten Normal to me. We could see many benefit to environment if at all we can reduce travelling as now we are working from home still things are being managed it is giving visible impact for nature earlier also nature was like, so is this New Normal or forgotten normal
In this pandemic situation when people are worried about life and the changes that has and are going to get occurred. But in my opinion these are not changes these are mostly forgotten habits which were always there and we gradually forgot them or started priotising prioritizing with other things. This is the time when we can actually try to think and get answers about the realities of New Normal or Forgotten Normal. While we are still grappling with the challenges of this pandemic, we could also use this opportunity to brace ourselves for these potential changes in our lives, once these trying time is over. We can carry forward all this Forgotten Normal and practice in New Normal.
Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever sunlight remains to them?-Rose Kenedy.

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