Luxury Consultant Madhavi Advani’s view on covid

Luxury Consultant Madhavi Advani’s view on covid



Covid 19 came out nowhere and has halted the world in its tracks. Everything has come to a standstill. Most developed countries are struggling to curtail the number of casualties running into thousands.

Economies are destroyed because of complete lockdowns and stock markets have crashed.

But as all of us have suddenly realised that the skies are bluer, the bird are singing and animals are carefree as they roam around.

looking for the positives is not difficult, as we all spend time with our families, isolated at home. The same families that we had no time for a while back. Now we are cooking fresh meals, eating them together, helping with chores, pitching in to do things we never thought we would be doing. We are all sudddenly more health and hygiene conscious. The governments are cleaning up like never before. Malls, cinema halls, shops, pavements, roadsides have all been disinfected. Suddenly baking a cake, or making a soup or a biryani is the centre of the family activity, where earlier it was left to takeaways and ordering in. Sleeping without setting alarms is supremely relaxing, or watching movies with families. Our fancy cars, and designer clothes are all relegated to the background, as we realise life is not about rushing or what’s outside. This virus is the biggest equalizer of all, as it doesn’t distinguish between rich or poor, caste or creed, race or religion. In fact, all the religious places are shut down, as humans come to understand the biggest and the best religion is humanity and kindness. As we have brought all our people back home from abroad or stranded wherever they were, we must also look after the underprivileged similarly, reach them to their homes and villages safely, or provide them spaces and food to survive wherever they are. We must all stand together in this hour of need. This will pass, as everything does, but hopefully the lessons learnt remain with us all.

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