Post Covid-19 Environment – How Education Will Change

Post Covid-19 Environment – How Education Will Change

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Ms. Rishita Garg Elizabethan Language Expert Corporate Advisory Board MENTORx


An outbreak of COVID-19 has startled the world with its serious threats. Most people are distressed by the uncertainties of this pandemic. The world has united to tackle the humanitarian crises and is working closely with global experts and governments. One side where the world-leading institutions are running in a mad scramble by pledging to commit their knowledge and resources, to develop a potential vaccine to save the mankind, we as an individual shall reassure to take up quotidian.

Effect on Economy

If we look at our history, the world has witnessed a few serious pandemics in the past as well. Reflecting on the consequences of infectious disease on the global trade, which includes all the major sectors like Airlines, Gaming & Casino, Oil & Gas, and Automobile industry. Similarly, the assessment is also about the least impacted sectors like Insurance, Health & Care, Multi-lines, and Education. The education sector in India remains to be a strategic priority of the government always. A large majority of the Indian population is enrolled in different fields.

Better education opens up a host of opportunities and this is especially relevant in the times we live in, where technology and education ensure that opportunities are not bound by geography. The education system post-COVID-19 will transit the existing structure. During mid-March, while all the students were engaged in giving boards and other entrance exams, the pandemic disrupted the education overnight. India’s economy is majorly dependent on this sector as 71% of the population has enrolled in different courses. The current Covid-19 has imposed us to learn new ways of technology and innovations. We are not marginalized by a concrete building structure. Education can take place anytime at any place to combat, here quarantine situation, or any other enigma.

A ray of better future hope

New multi-prolonged strategies are being made every day to manage the crisis and build a resilient education system. Leaving aside all the critical points at the moment,
let’s consider the post-pandemic system which will increase the effectiveness of learning and teaching methods. Modern students are different from the times when our parents were studying other programs which now have been replaced by the artificial intelligence world.

With the rapid usage of the internet, it has major benefits to schools and students. Until this year, the more focus of the Indian standards of teaching has been only to complete the curriculum within the given time constraints. Which further limited the child’s interests and knowledge. In respect to this, India could have two obstructions. Primarily, the monthly expense of the internet earlier, which was benefitted by Jio and gave another outlook to the technology and connected the professionals with students.
Secondly, the amenity of the child to adapt to digital learning. This could never be an obstacle for them, whereas, the teachers are becoming habituated to the digital teaching methods.

Major challenges can be tackled

Schools and universities have to develop improvement plans to carry the challenges in the right direction. Many areas of the country face classroom size issues, which will be completely eradicated with online teaching programs. In addition to this, challenges like poverty, family factors, bullying, students attitude, and behavior can be well managed through this learning platform.

E-learning has plenty of room for improvement

Well, strategized studies can change the perspective of many involved in the world of education today.
There will be such an array of programs that the choices may overwhelm students. Understanding this system will help the students to narrow their choices and develop their education plans.

Grading system

Students can submit transcripts of their academic work online which can save other resources of our country. It might seem confusing to understand the grading or the GPA system, but the evaluations can be done quickly which can save time. This can also remove the issue of inequality among students created by the teachers unconsciously. Furthermore, the implicit attitude and other external factors lead to poor evaluation of grades, which will not prevail anymore.

Attendance and improved results

The bigger concern, however, on everybody’s mind is the results and the overall efficiency of the child. On one side where digital learning will save the travel time and cost, it will additionally increase the class attendance of the children which will produce promising results. The students don’t have to worry about the “good image” as they all will be treated equally. The game of first and last bench ends here, where everyone is free to make their own choices. Students can focus on specializing in their interests and strengths to achieve their ultimate goal.

On the whole, digital education will help us achieve this. Education would give students from across borders opportunities to connect and communicate and work towards building a better future and a better world. For instance, a teacher in Ukraine can not only guide a student in Vietnam to live her dreams but also, inspire her to help the whole generation after her, to lead a better life.

Undoubtedly, we cannot allow any snag to come in the way of our education field. A never seen before the outbreak is the opportunity to preserve the ecological balance and at the same time, our conduct and right approach towards future learning. We can have radically strong systems that ensure avocation, productivity, good health, and progressive outcomes. The need of the hour is a lucid and analytical structure which will dwell the coming generations.


Ms. Rishita Garg
Elizabethan Language Expert
Corporate Advisory Board MENTORx

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